Monday, October 25, 2010

The Tin Man

So today I journey on,
each step a pinch of pain.
Dust rising from the road
stresses my tin-stiff skin.
"Oil!," I cry, "Oh Oil!,"
but my eyes stay dry,
stoic and unbended,
as I keep creaking
up the long road,
wanting tears
with all my

Written for "We Write Poems." The Prompt was "Wizard of Oz".

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Above the Steeple

A shimmering pink
effect of the sun on an
immense evening sky

This sky greeted us when we stepped out of church last Sunday evening. I went running to get my camera and met Claye, my daughter, who had already anticipated that action and was bringing it...snapping pictures all the way. At first, the color was more of a tangerine but it soon gave way to this. Within a few minutes, it was gone to gray. This lavish beauty splashed out randomly in the sky overwhelms me some times. What an artist!