Monday, February 15, 2010

Poetic vs Pragmatic

"Fear not for the future Weep not for the past"

It sounds so exciting...but how can it last?
A flaming, a laughing, a life for the present,
And why should you think about all that's unpleasant?
Why have a regret?
Why care about duty?
Just live like a butterfly--savor the beauty!

So history happens again and again
And man never learns from the places he's been.
Compassion and caution are lost in the laughter
And nobody grows up. . . or cares what comes after.

But mankind is learning, and much to their sorrow....
to weep for the past,
or tremble tomorrow.


  1. Love the pace and rhythm here - as well as the wording!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. beautiful I love it. haven't posted mine as of yet and I know it's getting late. Thanks for the comments that you leave when you visit I appreciate them hope to read you again.

    This Blog Of Mine

    Thanks for being YOU

  3. There's a lot of big thoughts in here, and I like the way you continue at the same old pace as Shelley.