Monday, September 27, 2010

The Prodigal Receives a Valentine

Be mine,
He said, but I, reluctant, turned away
And blindly ran, and furious from his face
So he waited, and he watched and he called from far behind…
Be mine. Be mine.
Faintly I discerned it through the party noise and wine
Be mine. I still love you, Valentine.
And I drowned it out with music and everything was fine
for my head no longer echoed with
Be mine... Be mine... Be mine...

Then a crash...a terrible quietness... the silence was sublime!
All I had for hearing was the snorting of the swine
And the seconds madly ticking as they counted out the time
Then I wanted
Then I waited
Then I missed
Then I listened

Though it seemed a desperate chance
my life was on the line
and I thought I heard a shadow of a voice that said
Be mine
A voice that seemed so distant it was difficult to find
Yet I made the desperate journey
Cowed before his holy face
He was Justice. I was Crime

And He said it one more time

Be mine
And I surrendered
I am thine