Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Harmless, Moist, Yelp

He’s harmless, the owner assured me, just a young puppy, really, that wants to play.

I smiled at the yelping mass of spotted fur and tried to get over my irrational fears.

Nice puppy, I crooned in a soft, sweet voice, Nice little Saint Bernard that’s as big as a spotted Jersey heifer. His jowls were slobbery moist but his tail thumped in welcome, and  his dark eyes were playful.

You’re a sweet, little doggie. I smiled bravely, and reached out to pat the top of his huge head. In a flash, jaws snapped upward and I realized that he had bitten my wrist.

Stop, Samson! Drop it! yelled someone standing on the edge of shock-blurred reality.

The hulking brute quickly released my bleeding, tooth-marked arm and looked expectantly at his master, who gave him a doggie treat and said: Look how well he obeys orders!

Smart Puppy.”
Good Dog.”


  1. We have all been there at sometime or another. When will we learn to approach a dog from below its chin level, and with an open hand? Over the top, and it's an attack mode.
    Very amusing piece, and a lovely picture - and I remain a cat person.

  2. Bad owner!
    nice description "Nice little Saint Bernard that’s as big as a spotted Jersey heifer"
    Really conveyed the fear.Very well written

  3. Oh I loved this,I know someone just like this, he had a border collie who used to 'nip' people, and he would be completely unfazed and say "it's what they're trained to do to the sheep you know." The poor bitee would look bewidered as he would stroke her and say 'good girl'!

  4. I really liked.... "Nice little Saint Bernard that’s as big as a spotted Jersey heifer" lol

    And I think that I too know the person Deborah is talking about! :-)

  5. Poor girl! I once owned an English Mastiff; it was like having a small horse under foot. Bad owner indeed.

  6. Great read. As a dog owner (a responsible dog owner), I feel for the person bit. Socializing your dog to people is so important.

  7. Nice narration and looks like the dog owner needs a bit more training too!!

  8. Ouch! Dogs off the lead make me nervous actually - especially when they are big enough to wrestle you to the ground..the chap in the photo is adorable however..who could resist those eyes! Jae

  9. Well, I enjoyed it..I mean the hidden message there for the needs to be a little more careful with puppy's.. well do visit for my 3WW.

  10. welcome sharing your poems with our poetry potluck today..

    you got talent, keep it up.